Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why ERP solution ?

ERP is a solution made exclusively for Indian Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprises as well as PSUs. A genuine web-based, user-friendly ERP is with data elements which is required for users in different departments. ERP enables users to connect on to a central system from all the branches, locations, departments. Its web-capability keeps the cost of maintenance at the lowest level and also minimizes the infrastructure cost.

Security and ERP System

We have the expertise, tools and methodologies to make sure that your ERP system includes a tailored, cost-effective security approach that interlocks with your firewall, virus scanner, spam control and backup systems.

Do we need to host our application on a remote server?

No. ERP can be installed and configured on any local server of your office.

What is the Implementation Period?
Micro Organizations 3 months
Small Organizations 6 months
Large Organizations 12 to 18 months
What is after sales support?

Being web-based ERP solution, we provide on real time support and maintenance.

Is it possible to purchase individual modules?


What makes web-based ERP more ideal than server based solution?

It promises to connect the organization with their respective departments, branches, customers, suppliers, factory that too, locally, nationally and globally.

How ERP suits the SME Units?

Minimum Investment which will suit their needs and wallet.

How are security/ access/ and remote access issues addressed?

Encryption of critical

Secure sockets Layer (SSL), which uses public key cryptography to protect confidential user information that is transmitted across the web.

Is the system scalable?


Is it possible to migrate the data from the current system into ERP?