Narendra Modi provided scam-free governance; India now 'bright spot' in global eco: Arun Jaitley

Narendra Modi provided scam-free governance; India now 'bright spot' in global eco: Arun Jaitley

Union Minister Arun Jaitley today said the Modi government has provided a 'scam-free' governance during the last four years, and the country has transformed from being a part of the 'fragile five' to the "bright spot" on global stage. 

The focus of the government will now be on consolidation of the initiatives taken in the past, Jaitley said in his Facebook post on completion of four years of the NDA government. 

In a post titled 'My Reflections on the NDA Government after Completion of Four Years in Power', Jaitley said the preceding ten years of the UPA rule had unquestionably witnessed the most corrupt government since Independence. 
"Prime Minister Narendra Modi created transparent systems through legislative and institutional changes which have given this country a scam-free governance. Unlike the UPA, the Prime Minister is the natural leader of both his party and the nation," wrote Jaitley, who had undergone a renal transplant earlier this month. 

He said the country has witnessed a journey from indecisiveness to clarity and decisiveness. "The Congress President must remember that taxes don't go into the pocket of the Government. They go back to the people for better infrastructure, better social sector expenditure and poverty reduction programmes. The social sector expenditure has seen a substantial increase by both the Central and the State Governments," Jaitley said. 
He said resources are transferred to the states with 42 per cent devolution of taxes, Finance Commission grants and assistance through the CSS schemes. 

"Notwithstanding the perpetual grumbling, last year of the UPA witnessed Rs 5,15,302 crore being transferred to the states. This year the proposed transfer is 145 per cent higher and will be at Rs 12,62,935 crores. This is over and above what the States earn from the GST where they have been constitutionally protected with a 14 per cent  . annual increase. The States independently levy their own taxes. 

"Institutional changes thus being enacted and implemented are putting the Indian economy on a far stronger wicket," Jaitley wrote.